Eingliederung und Integration von Menschen mit Behinderungen. FRANKREICH.

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Objective: Encouraging the professional integration of people suffering physical, mental or psychological disability within society, and their social promotion. 

Location of action : NANTES, Loire-Atlantique, FRANCE.

Means and resources deployed:

Personalised assistance and support for specific disabled persons with a view to facilitating their professional integration within society through employment in addition to their social promotion.

– Personalised assistance for disabled people to encourage their professional integration within society through work and their social promotion: individualised discussions on issues such as the person’s personal and professional plans, help with writing CVs and accompanying letters, payment for the production of photographs by a professional photographer and personalised support and assistance during the interview stages with the CAP EMPLOI branches (the division of the French employment service POLE EMPLOI which deals with disabled people).


Photo Maylis En Route pour Cap Emploi