Combating extreme poverty and social exclusion while encouraging social inclusion of young homeless persons.

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Objective : To encourage the social and professional integration of young homeless persons, through an emergency housing activity, for their access to sustainable and stable housing.

Means and resources deployed :  partnerships with Hotels for emergency housing activity, funded by our Organisation.

Location of action : NANTES (Loire-Atlantique), FRANCE.

June 2015: implementation of an emergency housing activity in a hotel structure for homeless persons. Quentin is 21 years old and is an homeless person. We met him in the street, with 2 other homeless persons, Daniel and Pascal.

We offered them a hotel structure, as an emergency accommodation, with several objectives :

  • helping them to be sheltered and to have a rest ;
  • helping them to find sustainable and stable housing as soon as possible ;
  • re-establishing their confidence and building social ties with them, to increase their social integration potential.

Field for intervention targeted by the European Commission : Social protection and social inclusion. Europe 2020 Strategy. European Platform againt Poverty and Social Exclusion.


Emergency accommodation for 3 homeless persons, to rest from the street and to carry out administrative formalities - NANTES, FRANCE.