Kampf gegen extreme Armut, gegen Ausschluss aus der Gesellschaft und für soziale Eingliederung, in LILLE, FRANKREICH

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Objective Encourage the integration of persons experiencing material and moral difficulties, through the free provision of meals and housing aid, to encourage their professional integration and social inclusion.

Means and resources deployed : Closer working relationships and partnerships with the Associations of the European Union to support joint projects focusing on professional integration and inclusion of homeless people.  

April 30 2015 : Meeting in LILLE (FRANCE), between Christine MONTY, President of the European Observatory for Non-discrimination and Fundamental Rights with Gilbert PINTEAU, President of the “COLLECTIF DES S.D.F. DE LILLE”, and of Arnaud CAMBIAI, Special Educator, and the team. Association specialized in assisting homeless people, with a view to obtaining housing in the private housing stock and a specific support after getting their homes. 156 homeless people were housed in 3 years.

Learn more about this association : collectifdessdfdelille.pinteau@laposte.net. 194 Boulevard Victor Hugo, 59000 LILLE. Tél : 06 46 42 90 25.

Field for intervention targeted by the European Commission : Social protection and social inclusion. Europe 2020 Strategy. European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion.


Photo de Lille