Free distribution operation of meals to homeless persons in PERPIGNAN (PYRENEES ORIENTALES), FRANCE.

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Objective : To encourage the integration of persons facing material and moral difficulties, through the free distribution of meals and a moral support.

Location of the action : PYRENEES ORIENTALES department (66), PERPIGNAN, FRANCE.

Means and resources deployed :

September 2015 : Sending out a Team of volunteers of our Association to organize a free distribution operation of meals to homeless persons in PERPIGNAN (66, FRANCE) and to give them a human and moral support. Evaluation of their needs for an adequate housing. Seeking housing solutions.

Photographs below : Yves (French nationality), Mohammed (Moroccan nationality) and Sevala (chechen nationality).

Field for intervention targeted by the European Commission : Europe 2020 Strategy. European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion.

We met Yves, from Brittany, homeless : he appreciated a good meal after an epileptic seizure.

Yves à Perpignan

We met Mohammed, homeless : he appreciated a free meal and a free assistance.

Mohammed à Perpignan

We met Sevala, from Chechnya, a very poor person : she appreciated a free meal and a moral support.

Sévala à Perpignan