Kampf gegen extreme Armut, gegen Ausschluss aus der Gesellschaft und für soziale Inklusion

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Objective:  Encouraging the integration of persons facing serious material and moral difficulties through the provision of free meals and housing assistance to encourage their professional integration and social promotion. Fighting extreme poverty and social exclusion, and encouraging social inclusion. 

Location of action : NANTES, Loire-Atlantique, FRANCE.

Means and resources deployed:

February 2015 : during a period of extremely cold weather in FRANCE, the EUROPEAN OBSERVATORY FOR NON-DISCRIMINATION AND FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS worked to assist persons facing material and moral difficulties : youngsters and older homeless persons, facing with a lack of accommodation.

– Meetings and discussions between active members of our Organisation and homeless persons facing material and moral difficulties.

– Provision of free meals and proposals for housing assistance to help with their professional integration.

– Provision of equipment and supplies to help them survive the cold (blankets, gloves, coffee).

Field for intervention targeted by the European Commission : Social protection and social inclusion. Europe 2020 Strategy. European Platform againt Poverty and Social Exclusion.