SAINT-OUEN, PARIS-NORD, FRANCE. Emergency humanitarian aid to homeless christian migrants.

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Objective : Emergency humanitarian aid to homeless christian migrants, in SAINT-OUEN, PARIS-NORD, FRANCE.

Location of the action : SAINT-OUEN, PARIS-NORD, FRANCE.

Date : December 2019

Means and resources deployed :

✅ A OENDDF Mobile Team carried out a humanitarian mission in SAINT OUEN-PARIS NORD, to meet families of homeless migrants, of Christian faith, from Colombia and countries of South America, persecuted for their faith in their country and having the status of asylum seeker, for the purpose of discussing and providing them with emergency food aid.

✅ We notably met young families with children and their Pastor, Mauricio, who lives courageously with them on the spot. The temperature of this disused building was freezing.  Obtaining asylum seeker status does not guarantee access to housing in France, which causes a violation of fundamental rights. The “right to housing” (= the right to have housing to live in decent conditions) is a fundamental right enshrined in the Belgian (art.23), Spanish (art.47), Finnish (art.15a) Constitution. ), Greek (art.21), Dutch (art.22-2), Portuguese (art.65), Swedish (art. 2).

✅ Our NGO organized emergency food aid for these families awaiting housing, living in makeshift tents, to restore their confidence and to recreate a dialogue with a view to administrative or legal procedures.⁣⁣⁣

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