Surrogacy is a reduction to slavery. Women’s bodies are not for sale. The industry based on trafficking in human beings is a criminal offense.

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▶️ Surrogacy is a reduction to slavery.

▶️ Women’s bodies are not for sale.

▶️ The industry based on trafficking in human beings is a criminal offense.

This article is an extract from the Collective for the respect of the person (CoRP), : 

” Mesopotamia. The return.

The first known historical occurrence of a form of surrogacy is a Mesopotamian custom which allowed the sterile woman to appropriate her abilities of her slave to give an offspring to her husband : the man made the slave pregnant : she gave birth on the knees of his mistress, who could transmit his property to his heirs and avoid “social death” in this eminently patriarchal society in addition to to be slavery.

This practice had disappeared for a few millennia, along with human sacrifices and, much more recently, slavery.

It reappeared a few decades ago thanks to in vitro fertilization, which finally led to the same result without forcing an extra-marital sexual relationship.

Wonderful. It is now the latest chic, and is promoted to the good persons by the popular press and public television, which forgets that this practice is prohibited by the State that finances it. The public is therefore led to rave about a star of reality TV parading with “her” surrogate mother as an Egyptian princess with her favorite slave or star of the small screen full of gratitude for the generosity of the woman he has paid to carry his children.

Fascinating, moreover, this generosity of the poor towards the rich to whom they are forced to praise their bodies to pay their debts or simply the food of their children”.