LISBON, PORTUGAL : encouraging the integration of homeless persons and raising awareness about social exclusion.

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Objective : To encourage the integration of homeless persons, through free distributions of meals, and to raise awareness about social exclusion. 

Location of the action : DOWNTOWN OF LISBON, PORTUGAL.

Means and resources deployed :

May 2016 : The objectives of our Association were as following :

  • to create contacts or partnerships with local Associations to implement a global approach of homeless persons (meals, housing, health, employment), with the purpose of creating the material conditions to help homeless persons to leave social exclusion and to encourage social inclusion ; 
  • to raise awareness about social exclusion and social policies ;
  • to provide free distribution operations of meals thanks to our Mobile International Team ;
  • to discuss with homeless persons and to better know their needs for an adequate housing and accommodation.

Field for intervention targeted by the European Commission : Europe 2020 Strategy. European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion.

Settlement made of cartons and boxes

Lisbonne cartons 1

Settlement made of cartons and boxes

Lisbonne cartons 2

Breakfast for a homeless person living in cartons and boxes

Lisbonne personne sans-abri et petit déjeuner

Settlement made of cartons and boxes

Lisbonne cartons 3

Specific roof with cartons and string

Lisbonne cartons et toit

Homeless person without roof

Lisbonne personne sans abri