Inclusion and integration of persons with mental or intellectual disabilities. POLAND.

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Partnership with the National Association P.S.O.U.U. in POLAND

Since February 2015, to support non-discrimination policy against persons with mental or intellectual disabilities, and to promote inclusion of persons with disabilities, the European Observatory of non-discrimination and fundamental rights has agreed a partnership with the National Association PSOUU in POLAND to materially support very positive and very concrete actions to integrate persons with mental intellectual disabilities into society.

The objective of the Polish Association P.S.O.U.U. is to develop the inclusion of persons with mental or intellectual disabilities through work, from occupational workshop to professional work, by supporting at all levels an inclusive education policy.

To encourage the integration of persons with mental disabilities or intellectual disabilities into society, and in some situations into the Labour Market, the Polish Association PSOUU manages in POLAND :

  • 29 Intervention Centers at a very early age, for more than 11,000 children, with the aim of quickly making a precise diagnosis, with a multidisciplinary approach, from birth to 18 months in priority – up to 7 years when the diagnosis could not be realized when the child was young ;
  • 64 Centers of Rehabilitation and Education intended to support education and training of children with a severe disability, that does not allow them to qualify for integration into a normal school ;
  • 35 Centers for young persons with severe intellectual disability, even with multiple disabilities, to provide a specific supportive therapy tailored to their needs;
  • 84 Occupational Workshops, which aims to prepare young adults with intellectual disabilities to develop skills for a more independent live through work;
  • 4 Counselling Centers for persons with intellectual disabilities, which aims to prepare them to work in the usual places of work;
  • 30 Development Centers of artistic talents, relaxation and recreation for persons with mental disabilities; some paintings and works of art were even exhibited at the Contemporary Art Centre in Warsaw in 2003;
  • 26 Residential Structures that support older persons with intellectual disabilities, who do not have any family likely to offer them a place to live, and also young persons with disabilities whose families live too far from specialized Reception Centers day to be supported.

Initiatives and actions for an inclusive education policy of the Polish Association PSOUU are brilliant and concrete and can be cited as examples.

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Field for intervention targeted by the European Commission :  Access to housing – Accessibility – Employment – Education and Training – Equality – Social Protection – Health.

Warsaw, POLAND


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Example of PSOUU Brochure

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