Integration of ethnic and national minorities. National campaign in FRANCE to help Roma and Romanian persons to encourage the learning of the French language.

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Objective : To promote the integration of Roma and Romanian persons, and their children, living in extreme material and moral difficulties in FRANCE, through :

  • learning of the French language to promote a better integration in FRANCE ;
  • fight against existing discrimination, including those of local authorities ;
  • free distribution of meals ;
  • human and moral support.

Location of the action : National Campaign : Focus Cities: NICE, PARIS, VERSAILLES (FRANCE) and MUNICH (GERMANY).

Means and resources deployed :

August – September – October – November 2015: Sending out several Teams of volunteers of our Association, in FRANCE, for a national campaign of learning of French langage,  with Roma and Romanian persons, facing extreme material and moral difficulties, living in slums with illiterate condition, and for a human and moral support. Free distribution of meals and sharing of meals build trust. Assessment of their level of understanding of the French language and material assistance to develop their learning ability of French langage.

Field for intervention targeted by the European Commission : Europe 2020 Strategy. European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion.

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights : “For more than a thousand years, Roma people have been an integral part of European civilisation. Today, with an estimated population of 10-12 million in Europe, approximately six million of whom live in the EU, Roma people are the biggest ethnic minority in Europe“. (

Volunteers in Versailles, with Nicolae, october 2015

Photo de Nicolae

Volunteers in Versailles, with Giorgio, october 2015

Photo Roumain Versailles

Volunteers in Nice, helping roms children begging in the street, august 2015

Roms à Nice

Reading methods for young illiterate children

Livres de lecture

Volunteers in Paris (14ème), helping a romanian family, september 2015

Photo d'une famille roumaine Paris

Volunteers in Münich, Germany, october 2015

SDF Munich