Street work with women living in very precarious situations. TOURS, FRANCE

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Objective : To help women living in very precarious situations. 

Location of the action : TOURS , FRANCE.

Means and resources deployed :

June 2017 One of our Teams of volunteers has made a great Street Work, to meet homeless women who are raising children alone, and to face the challenges of their situation so they can have material needs provided and self-confidence.

Here is Maria, of Romanian origin, mother of two young children, who has made active efforts to find a job in France and who wants to be integrated socially and professionally.

The European Observatory for Non-Discrimination and Fundamental Rights (E.O.N.D.F.R.) has developed an extensive and in-depth expertise in the field of understanding the challenges with isolated homeless persons.

Field for intervention targeted by the European Commission : Europe 2020 Strategy. European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion.

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Street Work with Maria

Street Work with Maria

Street Work with Maria

Street Work with Maria