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1. Our Values


We promote and practise non-discrimination.

Part of our members are people living in poverty or social exclusion, people with disabilities, migrants, people from national and ethnic minorities and victims of armed conflits and civil wars.

Human dignity, Human Rights, Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

We promote human dignity and human rights.

We promote fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms, as guaranteed by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the European Union Charter on Fundamental Rights.


We promote and practise inclusion.

We believe that the physical environment, legislation, communication facilities and our thinking and attitudes all have the potential to exclude and isolate individuals or groups from mainstream society.

We encourage initiatives and actions which lead to a more inclusive society and which fight a vicious cycle of poverty and disability.

We believe in eradicating poverty by development and inclusion.


We respect each other and our different beliefs.

We respect the groups, communities and organisations we work with.

We strive for mutual learning with our partners.

2. Our Mission

We promote an inclusive world in which all persons living in poverty or social exclusion enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.

We work for the equality of persons living in poverty or social exclusion in Europe.

  • We give homeless persons and people living in poverty or social exclusion a voice in Europe ;
  • We advocate for human rights for people living in poverty or social exclusion in Europe; 
  • We raise awareness on issues people living in poverty or social exclusion are facing in Europe ;
  • We support a strong movement in favor of people living in poverty or social exclusion ; 
  • We encourage research and studies for the benefit of people living in poverty or social exclusion in Europe ;
  • We are an active part of the international movement for people living in poverty or social exclusion.

We successfully continue to combine advocacy work on the European level with work on the national level in partnership with our members with and for local people in poverty or social exclusion.

3. Our Vision

Changing the world requires tackling structural factors that cause inequality and discriminate and exclude people based on their sex, race, colour, ethnic and social origin, genetic characteristics, language, religion, belief, political opinions etc.

Changing the world requires tackling structural factors that cause extreme poverty and social exclusion.

Changing the world requires active support for people in the most vulnerable situations.