Free distribution operation of meals in a makeshift migrant’s settlement in PARIS (19ème), FRANCE

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Objective :  To promote assistance to migrant persons, such as refugees and asylum seekers, facing rooflessness, in significant material and moral difficulty, by providing for :

  • free meals ;
  • moral and human support ;
  • a free legal assistance for those who requested it.

Location of the action : Makeshift migrant’s settlement in a park called «Les Jardins d’Eole»,  75019 PARIS, FRANCE. Estimation : about 200 migrants.

Means and resources deployed: 

June 17 2015 : Free provision of meals (pizzas and fruit juices) ; moral and human support to Eritrean and Sudanese migrants. Sudanese migrants were coming from Darfur area.

Field for intervention targeted by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights and the European Commission : Asylum, migrations and borders.