Combating extreme poverty and social exclusion while encouraging social inclusion of young homeless persons. ANGERS, FRANCE.

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Objective : To encourage the social and professional integration of young homeless persons, through an emergency housing activity, for their access to sustainable and stable housing.

Means and resources deployed :  partnerships with Hotels for emergency housing activity, funded by our Organisation.

Location of action : ANGERS (Maine-et-Loire), FRANCE.

June 2015: implementation of an emergency housing activity in a hotel structure for homeless persons. Geoffrey is 29 years old and is an homeless person. We met him in the street, in the station of ANGERS, FRANCE. He needed to prepare a social and professional integration project with his social worker, but he faced since a long time the hardship of living on the street : to find a roof to sleep, to sleep with his dog, to take a shower, to have breakfast in the morning, to eat his fill etc.

We offered him several nights in a hotel structure, as an emergency accommodation, with several objectives :

  • to help him to be sheltered and to have a rest ;
  • to help him to prepare for several interviews and to have access to an internet network ;
  • to help him them to find sustainable and stable housing as soon as possible.

Field for intervention targeted by the European Commission : Social protection and social inclusion. Europe 2020 Strategy. European Platform againt Poverty and Social Exclusion.


Geoffrey, 29 years old, needed to have a rest to prepare for a social and professional integration project with his social worker

Photo SDF Angers 2