Free distribution operations of meals and social support to homeless persons – NANTES and ANGERS (FRANCE)

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Objective : To encourage the integration of homeless persons, through free distributions of meals and a social support. To restore the human dignity of homeless persons.

Location of the action : DOWNTOWN OF NANTES (44) AND ANGERS (49), FRANCE.

Means and resources deployed :

February-March 2016 : We provided social support and free distribution operations of meals through our outreach teams, our day-time and night-time patrols and our visits to squats.

We organized a street work during the winter period (outreach teams, mobile teams, food aid and efforts to provide regular human contacts).

Field for intervention targeted by the European Commission : Europe 2020 Strategy. European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion.

Day-time patrols in NANTES

Tumtum et Franck en maraude de rue

Night-time patrols in NANTES

Gaëtan et Typhaine en maraude de rue

Day-Time patrols in ANGERS

Christophe, ANGERS, 26 avril 2016