Free distribution operation of meals to migrants in front of the Central Station, in MUNICH, GERMANY.

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Objective : To promote assistance to migrant persons, such as asylum-seekinrefugees and unaccompanied migrant children, facing significant material and moral difficulty, by providing for :

  • detailed information  to unaccompanied migrant children on children’ s rights
  • moral and human support 
  • detailed information on the best means to reach Sweden,  for those who requested it
  • free legal assistance, on the asylum procedure in German law and European law, for those who requested it
  • free meals

Location of the action : near the Central Station of MUNICH, GERMANY.

Means and resources deployed: 

October 2015 : Free provision of hot meals (halal chicken and turkey döner kebabs /chicken and French fries) ; moral and human support to Eritrean and Ethiopian migrants.

Eritrean migrants have fled from Eritrea’s repression, known as a “State Jail” (

Ethiopian migrants have fled from war, violence, drought, and hunger, especially due to the Darfur war.

Field for intervention targeted by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights and the European Commission : Asylum, migrations and borders.

Hospitality for migrants in Münich - october 2015

Accueil gare Munich avec panneau

Central station of Münich


Free meals and moral support to unaccompanied minors who were going to Sweden

Migrants mineurs 2

The "Young Team" of our Association with young isolated migrants : good contact !

Migrants mineurs

"Many thanks for moral and human support !"

Migrants majeurs Münich