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Working and discussing together to combat all forms of discrimination and to lay down ethical foundations in the Member States of the European Union.

We seek to get involved both upstream, with the Institutions of the European Union (the European Commission, the European Parliament …) and the Council of Europe, and downstream, with practical activities on the ground and  the provision of support actions.

We attach particular importance to the following actions and view them as priorities:

  • Fight against extreme poverty, against social exclusion and in favor of social inclusion in the countries of the European Union, especially by providing free meals, emergency shelter, access housing and support to professional and social integration ;
  • Non-discrimination against people with physical, mental or psychological disabilities ;
  • Social and professional integration of children and young adults facing extreme poverty and social exclusion, fleeing famine, armed conflicts, civil wars or natural disasters;
  • Integration of ethnic, national and religious minorities in the countries of the European Union;
  • Bioethics, Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism;
  • As a European Platform, including Member of the Council of Europe’s Conference of the INGOs : partnerships with Associations, Non-Governmental Organisations (N.G.O.) and Foundations pursuing similar objectives.



Christine MONTY,

Human Rights Defender and Ethicist / Cross-cutting expertise on ethical issues (Human Rights, Non-Discrimination, International Law, Economy). 

President of the European Observatory for Non-Discrimination and Fundamental Rights.