Cambodia. Trafficking in human beings with Surrogacy. Criminal business with Surrogacy.

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▶ Justice in this country fights against the proliferation of children trafficking since the Surrogacy-based reproductive industry has elected it as a host country.

▶ According to a Police Report, 32 women were hired by the leaders of this ring, who promised a sum of $10,000 / baby, to carry and to sell their baby, through a mechanism of surrogacy.

They were given $500 cash up front and then $300 per month while carrying their babies, the report said.

After delivery, they were to get the remaining $6,000 from the ring’s leader, who was operating the scheme under the business name “Fertility Solutions PGD”.

In a similar case in August last year, the court sentenced Australian nurse Tammy Davis-Charles and two Cambodians to 18 months in jail each for their role in a surrogacy business that began in Thailand and moved to Cambodia after a Thai crackdown.

▶ Surrogacy is a criminal business that is a trafficking of women and children, which violates all fundamental rights.

▶ In Cambodia, the leaders of this criminal network face sentences of up to 20 years in jail.

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