Hate crime recording – Data collection practice across the European Union.

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➡ Across the European Union, people face hatred because of their skin colour, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality.

In response, the European Union and its Member States have introduced laws against hate crime and support services for victims.

But these will only fulfil their potential :

  • if victims report hate-motivated harassment and violence to the police,
  • and if police officers record such incidents as hate crimes.

If hate crimes remain unidentified or unrecorded, they remain uninvestigated, unprosecuted, uncounted and, ultimately, invisible.

➡ This Report of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights provides rich and detailed information on hate crime recording and data collection systems across the European Union, including any systemic cooperation with civil society.

Learn more : FRA/Publication/2018/Hate Crime Recording and data collection

Related European Union Charter Articles : Article 21 (non-discrimination).