Persone disabili

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Objective: Encouraging the access to housing of people suffering from physical or mental disabilities, their professional integration, their social promotion and their social inclusion.

Means and resources deployed : Closer working relationships and partnerships with the Associations of the European Union to support projects focusing on access to housing and professional integration of people with disabilities.  

May 2015 : the European Observatory for Non-discrimination and Fundamental Rights has committed itself to financial support for the French non-profit making Association THETIS, Non-Governmental Organisation of Public Utility since 1902, specialising in support and assistance for disabled people who are suffering from physical or mental disabilities, by focus on the « shared houses » Project of the SIMON de CYRENE FEDERATION : people with disabilities are living in communities shared with non-disabled adults.

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Field for intervention targeted by the European Commission (  Access to housing – Accessibility – Employment – Education and Training – Equality – Social Protection – Health.