Valley of the Roya, FRANCE. Migrants. First farm Emmaüs Community with Cédric HERROU.

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✅ In France, in the Valley of the ROYA, Cédric Herrou has created the first farm Emmaüs Community, which employs and hosts migrant companions regardless of their administrative status, Emmaüs Roya, with 800 olive trees.
Monthy wages :  350 € / month, with accommodation on site.

✅ Companions grow organic varieties of tomatoes, zucchini, squash, peppers, aubergine, basil and strawberries and take care of 400 laying hens.

✅ The sale of products is organized in short circuits in the shops of the valley, in an organic store or within an Amap (Association for the maintenance of a peasant agriculture).

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