Bioethics. Artificial Intelligence. Robotization and massive destruction of jobs, in Las Vegas.

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In LAS VEGAS (NEVADA), 50,000 food service workers will go on strike if new contracts do not protect them against robotization / automation of their jobs. Among the worried, bartenders, waiters, doormen or even cooks.

While this protest movement is the first in Las Vegas since 1984, the claim is formulated in these terms by Geoconda Argüello-Kline, general secretary of the Culinary Union:

“We encourage innovation that can improve our jobs, but we oppose automation if it threatens to destroy it.Our industry needs to innovate, but without the need of humans, our employers need to help us stay strong, fair and competitive. “

The risks of automation are real, according to two studies cited by Gizmodo.

1/ First, there are many American travelers who would like to be served and welcomed by robots.

2/ Secondly : 58 % of hoteliers believe that by 2025, they will use robots for the household.

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Our position :

➡ The European Observatory for Non-Discrimination and Fundamental Rights emphasizes that the robotization resulting from the progress of the artificial intelligence should not be translated into a regression with a massive destruction of jobs. 

➡ Social exclusion must not have its origin from a massive robotisation of the whole society’s jobs. 

➡ The institutions of the European Union must anticipate this perspective of robotization, current in the United States, to guarantee European citizens an area of justice, peace and economic security.


Las Vegas and destruction of jobs by robotization.

A robot helping a homeless person !