Bioethics. Surrogacy. Surrogacy market was expected to reach $ 4.8 billion in 2017 worldwide. Woman’s body is not for sale.

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1/ In the framework of Surrogacy (also : Surrogate motherhood, gestational Surrogacy), and according to a Transparency Market Research study, surrogacy market was expected to reach $ 4.8 billion in 2017 worldwide.

A mother must not become a simple means to transfer international funds.

Woman’s body is not for sale.

2/ Extract from the Website : “Justice and respect for chilhood”, Surrogacy is a big Market :

  • “The child is conceptualized as an investment vehicle. A Chinese person wants to transfer wealth to Japan, but he can not because the law of his country and the law of the country are opposed. These laws also prevent him from obtaining Japanese nationality. The pragmatic solution is to find an investment vehicle : it will be the child, the means being Surrogacy. It is enough to take Chinese genetic material, ie sperm, to put it in the belly of any Japanese woman and the child that will result will have dual nationality. The father will then use it to transfer his goods to Japan. The child is an investment vehicle, the mother, a means and Surrogacy is a simple mechanism to buy the nationality and the legal system of a country. This service is very expensive. More generally, Surrogacy is a colossal market (…)”.