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Constitution of our Organisation

The  Members of the European Observatory for non-discrimination and fundamental rights (E.O.N.D.F.R.) are :

  • natural persons of various nationalities (in the European Union and outside the European Union) who share our values and support our work ;
  • or Non-Governmental Organisations from all over the European Union, which work in the field of homeless persons, persons with disabilities, migrants or children’s rights.

They can operate at local, regional or national level.

Rights of our Members

Our Associations and N.G.O. Members have the right :

  • to access information concerning the European Union policy thanks to our network ;
  • to be in contact, to exchange informations and to share experience with other Associations and Organisations of the network ;
  • to attend working Group Meetings in the network.

Our Associations and N.G.O. Members :

  • can provide for informations on their current activities (projects, objectives, challenges and successes etc.);
  • can provide for a link to European Observatory for non discrimination and fundamental rights’ website on their own website;
  • can contribute to give appropriate information, in case of specific studies led by the European Observatory for non- discrimination and fundamental rights;
  • have the duty to accept the Chart’s values of the European Observatory for non- discrimination and fundamental rights (Ethics Charter).